Monday, December 17, 2012

Gentle Dentistry for Children

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common childhood disease in the world?  Besides brushing and flossing, children should begin seeing the dentist for preventative care by age two!  It is also important to avoid soft drinks and junk foods such as; cookies, candy and pastries, which contain high amounts of sugar.  

At James A. Burden, D.D.S. & Associates, we believe that a positive experience is just as important for your little one as the actual cleaning itself!  Many times, one negative experience in the chair as a child can lead to a fearful adult that avoids the dental office altogether.

From the activity station in the lobby and "underwater themed" pediatric room, to our fun filled treasure chest at checkout, your little one will look forward to coming back every six months!

Call us today to schedule a Complimentary Consultation for your child to meet our amazing staff and check out all of the kid friendly aspects of our practice!  We can't wait to meet them!

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  1. Dentistry for children places special importance in preventing tooth decay. Studies show that poor oral health care in children can lead to impaired school performance and poor social relationships. Therefore, Dentists give advice on how to make teeth strong the importance of developing healthy eating habits and other ways to prevent disease from occurring.

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  2. This is why we make it a point to visit the local elementary schools here in Williamsburg, VA and Newport News, VA, every February, for Dental Health Month! They say Children are our future, so we are doing our best to make it a healthy one!

  3. Thanks for this post. I wonder how these dentistry for children only offices get their permits from. Thanks again.


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