Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Gorgeous Smile with LUMINEERS

One Gorgeous Smile with LUMINEERS

No other veneer option is as versatile!
When it comes to improving your appearance, it's crucial to have freedom of choice. However, many smile makeover options, including traditional veneers, leave patients with irreversible loss of tooth structure, Chiclet-like teeth, and sometimes pain and discomfort. Now, painless LUMINEERS® offers incredible versatility creating a smile that is perfect for every individual.
Whether re-shaping worn and chipped teeth or creating a straighter, more uniform smile, revolutionary LUMINEERS® has changed the face of dentistry. By dramatically transforming a smile in the most minimally invasive way, LUMINEERS® is the only veneer procedure that preserves and protects natural teeth whenever possible, so that the process is virtually painless - even a post-procedure aspirin is unnecessary.
The exceptionally thin LUMINEERS® [width of a contact lens] leaves original teeth in tact, and the process is reversible. Traditional veneers require the removal of sensitive tooth structure, often shaving or grinding down teeth. Consequences of such tooth reduction can sometimes cause the death of tooth pulp, causing the need for a root canal procedure.
Without the need for local anesthesia, LUMINEERS® offers a painless and permanent smile enhancement option. Since the process is so simple and gentle, the sensitivity usually felt after a traditional veneer procedure is eliminated, making even an aspirin unnecessary.
LUMINEERS® provides instant teeth straightening and permanent whitening. It is a convenient substitute for braces and other orthodontics. The procedure may also be used on worn teeth to strengthen them and prevent further wear. LUMINEERS® can even be placed over crowns to improve esthetics and help rejuvenate a smile. A LUMINEERS® procedure is so versatile, it can even be used on cases that require some tooth structure removal for desired esthetic results. All LUMINEERS® come with a 5-year warranty.
LUMINEERS® can only be made from Cerinate porcelain, an innovative porcelain, crafted through a proprietary process unavailable anywhere other than Den-Mat Corporation. LUMINEERS® creates a custom-made smile clinically proven to last up to 20 years. LUMINEERS® is the best of both worlds - ultra thin, yet super strong for a radiant smile that resists any micro-cracking, which can damage restorations.
If you think you may be a candidate for this procedure, call our office at (757) 229-1224 to set up an appointment.

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